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Frequently asked questions


To start using the Go-proExpo service, you must install a supported browser and make sure you are using the latest version. To install or update a supported browser, visit any of the browser websites:
• Apple Safari
• Google Chrome
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Microsoft Edge
• Mozilla Firefox
• Opera


Registration and setting up a personal account is required for companies.
From your personal account, you can fully manage your goods and services.
For this, you do not need to create your own website, as large Internet portals are asked to do. You just need to register your personal account, fill out the necessary information and track the interest of buyers in it.
In your personal account you have to:
Customize your profile:
Specify full name, E-mail, city, phone number, login, password and photo.
Set up your company profile:
To do this, in the Settings section, edit the data:
Company name, company description, status, link to video presentation, poster, logo.
You are also invited to Order or Book a site in the expo center, in order to convey the appearance and dimensions of your equipment as accurately as possible.
Registration of a personal account.
1. To do this, go to the main page and click Register.
2. To create an account, you need to fill out the form with data. It does not take much time. On the corresponding button, the seller, you register as a company that offers goods and services.
3. In order not to forget your login or password from your personal account, you can link a social network to it.

Fill in product information:
View Product Information.
In the category "My products" add information about the products. We write as informative as possible to convince the buyer that this product is what he needs.
Next, you are invited to add title and description, this is not difficult to do:
The meta title and description tags are located at the very beginning of the HTML page code (between the <head> and </head> tags). In many content management systems, meta tags can be specified in the settings for each page of the site.
When you view the page, the text is displayed in the browser title at the very top - this is the title tag (the title of the open page)


The payment method is made only by bank transfer.
After you have chosen a site, booked it, with a letter of approval of the site, you will also receive an agreement by mail, which will spell out all the obligations of the parties and the number of the site that you have booked.
Then you transfer funds to the account specified in the agreement.


Product information is a valuable section for the client. The more useful information you post about a product, the higher the likelihood that this product will be chosen from you. But you can`t overdo it with water in the text. Only important information related to a specific product. When entering the technical characteristics of the equipment, the earnest request to indicate the important, key parameters by which your equipment is most often searched for, this information will help you attract even more customers.
Product information consists of: photos, videos, 3D models, equipment specifications and information about repair kits.
In more detail about each of the sections:
Photos - the pictures of the goods sent must be in good quality, taken from all sides;
Video - a video that displays the operation of a particular machine. Presentation of this equipment.
3D models - for visual viewing of equipment
Technical characteristics of the equipment - it is necessary for more accurate information about the machine, in which 3-4 key parameters should be indicated.
The repair kit is important information for a customer who needs an explanation on how to service this equipment.


The completed information about the company is an important and useful factor that is necessary for the user to quickly find the company. The more information about the company is placed in the LC, the higher the likelihood of pleasing the client and establishing a business relationship with him. Information about the company includes: a description of the company`s activities, a video presentation about yourself, photos, location, contacts for feedback (indicate those that are most effective). Also, each company is awarded a rating that is no less important for the client. This rating depends on the fullness of the information in the description of the company, and on the work with customers.


Go-proExpo does not deal with equipment delivery. We are only establishing contact between both parties. The buyer decides all questions about delivery with the equipment manufacturer.
An important point:
The buyer contributes to the improvement of the delivery rates. One of the main growth conditions is the designation by the client of the purchase of equipment from the manufacturer and notification of this to Go-proExpo.


Placement at the proExpo exhibition:
Estimated price for services:
- prices for the creation of stands and models are not fixed, because everything depends on the size and complexity of the work.
- placement on the stage is static, the cost of renting one site (3x4m2) is 30,000 rubles.
* the leased plot is valid for one year from the date of payment. you can also rent as many plots as you need. For example, if the virtual dimensions of your equipment are more than one site, then this space will not be enough. All these details are discussed with our managers.

Placement in the proExpo catalog:
Placement of goods (equipment) in the Go-proExpo catalog is standard and free. The number of products for placement is unlimited.

Designing 3D models.
It is possible to create 3D models of equipment for demonstration at the exhibition in 2 ways, prescribed in the Information on 3D models.
If you have a need to make 3D models for subsequent demonstration at a virtual exhibition, our specialists will help you.
The cost of design services is not fixed, they fluctuate depending on the complexity of the equipment and dimensions.
Our experts will advise you and help you choose the best job option.


3D models are required for demonstration at the Go-proExpo exhibition area and in the product catalog.
Important requirements for the correct operation of models on the site:
- models must be saved in .FBX format.
- the dimensions of the real equipment must correspond to the dimensions of the virtual equipment;
- low polygonality of the model;
- the model should consist of simple shapes (triangles, rectangles);
- the model of the machine must be modeled from individual elements;
Requirements for 3D models are mandatory!
The smaller the model, the better.

Ordering 3D models.
If you do not have 3D models of your own equipment in production, you can contact us and order from us the design of those machines that you would like to place at Go-proExpo.
You can also order the design of machines from other contractors, only observing the requirements set out above.
This applies to both equipment and stands.