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Turtle Back Pattern Rubber Mat (Big Sales)

Appearance: The cow mat is a mold with embossed surface pattern, medium hardness, better flexibility and wear resistance.

Product material: back with fine ribbed pattern, inserted with fabric (such as nylon, polyester, cotton fabric, etc.).
Product specifications: thickness 12 mm and 17 mm, width 1.22 m, length 1.83 m. Impact resistance, aging resistance, elasticity, slip resistance.

Product use: Widely used for setting up cowsheds and pigsties, easy to clean and manage, creating a safe and comfortable environment for livestock.
Product advantages: Anti-slip, heat-insulating, moisture-proof, easy to clean, elastic, anti-fatigue. Better anti-slip performance and a higher level of comfort.

700 rubles
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Rubber mats

Black color; thickness - 6 mm; width - 1 m; length - 1 m; weight - 7.5 kg.

Execution options

Individual services:
1. According to customers requirements, cotton, nylon, fiberglass, etc. can be inserted.
2. The surface of the product can be completely smooth and textured.
3. Product color can be customized according to customers requirements.
4. The size can be changed according to clients requirements.
5. Design the rubber formula according to customers requirements.

Payment terms

The order is made from 20 items.