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Silicone Sheet

Product description:

Material: silicone

Properties: Silicone is a rubber that is extremely resistant at extreme temperatures and retains excellent flexibility at low temperatures. It is also highly resistant to compression, sunlight, ozone, oxygen and moisture. Due to its inert properties, it is widely used in medicine, pharmaceuticals and the food industry, since it does not leave any traces of smell or taste. Silicone can be electrically resistive, conductive, or flame retardant. Low temperatures do not cause hardness or hardening. Resistant to most oils and greases. Possesses good chemical resistance in general. Silicone rubbers can withstand temperatures from -40 ºC to +200 ºC.

Applications : Extrusion, injection molding, coating and injection molding processes are used to produce a wide range of extruded profiles, tubes, cords, gaskets, standard gaskets and sheets for applications in various industrial sectors, but are especially suitable for pharmaceutical and food, chemical and cosmetic industry, as well as for mechanical engineering, filling equipment, etc.

500 rubles
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Rubber Sheets (Technical Plates)

Thickness - 1-50 mm; width - 1-2 meters; length - 2/10/15/30 meters; weight - 50/100 kg / roll; black color; other colors - red, yellow, blue, green.

Execution options

Individual services:
1. According to customers requirements, cotton, nylon, fiberglass, etc. can be inserted.
2. The surface of the product can be completely smooth and textured.
3. Product color can be customized according to customers requirements.
4. The size can be changed according to clients requirements.
5. Design the rubber formula according to customers requirements.

Payment terms

minimum lot 100 pieces