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Rubber sheet EPDM

Product description:

Material: EPDM / NR

Properties : Excellent UV and ozone resistance. This rubber is ideal for use in fully open environments.

EPDM also has increased thermal resistance, making it also suitable for gaskets handling warm / hot fluids.

Usage: Use in seals and gaskets, protective coatings, on the table, in workshops for special requirements, etc.

400 rubles
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Rubber Sheets (Technical Plates)

Thickness - 1-50 mm; width - 1-2 meters; length - 2/10/15/30 meters; weight - 50/100 kg / roll; black color; other colors - red, yellow, blue, green.

Execution options

Individual services:
1. According to customers requirements, cotton, nylon, fiberglass, etc. can be inserted.
2. The surface of the product can be completely smooth and textured.
3. Product color can be customized according to customers requirements.
4. The size can be changed according to clients requirements.
5. Design the rubber formula according to customers requirements.

Payment terms

minimum lot 100 pieces