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Rubber mat coarse reef (Big sale)

Appearance: The surface is a wide groove strip and below a thin groove strip.

Product material: Styrene-butadiene rubber + natural rubber + mineral filler (with a high-strength nylon fabric insert).

Product use: feed corridor, milking corridor, milking parlor, waiting area, water passage.
Product advantages: NTI -slip, heat insulation, moisture-proof, easy to clean, elastic, anti-fatigue. Better anti-slip performance and a higher level of comfort. Service life is over 15 years.

2 000 rubles
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Rubber mats
Manufacturer country

Black color; thickness - 17 mm; width - 1m; weight - 21.25;

Execution options

the maximum length is 40m, the maximum width is 2m, the thickness is 20-25mm, customized according to customers requirements

Individual services:
1. According to customers requirements, cotton, nylon, fiberglass, etc. can be inserted.
2. The surface of the product can be completely smooth and textured.
3. Product color can be customized according to customers requirements.
4. The size can be changed according to clients requirements.
5. Design the rubber formula according to customers requirements.

Payment terms

The order is made from 20 product units