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Neutral detergent Optima MS-50

About the product: "Optima MS-50" is a liquid, slightly alkaline, low-foamy synthetic detergent with a pronounced degreasing effect, bactericidal properties and the ability to protect ferrous metal from atmospheric corrosion. Does not contain salts (chlorides, phosphates, carbonates, silicates).

Purpose: Detergent "Optima MS-50" is recommended for removing contaminants based on liquid and solid animals and vegetable fats and oils, liquid industrial oils, residues of technological lubricants, polishing pastes, cutting fluids, and other types of oil and fatty contaminants. Well removes graphite lubricants, grease, and other complex contaminants.

The product is intended for cleaning and degreasing non-ferrous and ferrous metals, glass, plastic, ceramics, painted products.

Application area:

• For washing and degreasing ferrous metals (in addition to effective degreasing, the Optima MS-50 detergent provides interoperative protection of parts from atmospheric corrosion for up to 2 weeks, which eliminates the need for additional stages of application / removal of protective anticorrosive agents).

• For washing and degreasing non-ferrous metals (the almost neutral pH of aqueous solutions of the Optima MS-50 detergent allows you to avoid even a slight etching of the surface during the degreasing of parts).

• Anywhere where a high degree of degreasing is required (the Optima MC-50 detergent is suitable for degreasing parts in direct contact with pure oxygen).

• Wherever there is no possibility (or desire) to wash parts with hot solutions of detergent (in many cases, the required degree of degreasing is achieved at a temperature of detergent solutions of 250C - 450C).

• Wherever biosecurity of processed products is required (the Optima MS-50 detergent has a bactericidal effect).

• Wherever environmental friendliness is required (spent solutions of the Optima MS-50 detergent, after separation of fat and oil contaminants from them, allow direct discharge into the sewer without additional cleaning / decontamination).



• Metalworking and mechanical engineering

• Car repair enterprises and car service

• Processing and food industry

• Dry cleaning and clearing services


As a safe, highly effective multifunctional detergent in catering establishments, fitness centers, swimming pools, baths, saunas, showers, toilets and other premises in schools, kindergartens, entertainment centers, hotels, sanatoriums, hospitals, clinics, etc. ...


• for metalworking, mechanical engineering, car repair and similar enterprises, the product detergent "Optima MS-50" is produced with a corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metals;

• for the food industry and household purposes, the Optima MS-50 detergent is produced without inhibiting additives.

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Additional characteristics

The concentration index of hydrogen ions in a 1% detergent solution (pH)
Content of surfactants,%, not less
Phosphate content,%, no more
Foam stability of 1% detergent solution,%, not less
Degreasing ability of a 2% detergent solution at a degreasing temperature of 20 ± 20C, degreasing time of 10 minutes (%, not less) for grease contamination:
sunflower oil
industrial oil I-20
fatty grease
graphite grease