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LND CNC Turret Automation Lathe - D Series

LND42 / 65 Automatic Turret CNC Lathe is the best machine to invest in CNC automation. For bar parts three times longer than the outer diameter of bar materials up to 290 mm long, the LND 42/65 is considered one of the best.

CNC turret lathe with automatic
42, 51, 65,80,100 mm Round.
VDI-30 servo turret with inoperative tool.
VDI-30 servo turret with driven tool.
VDI-30 servo turret with driven tools and Y-axis slide
With the installation of XZ-Axis double split slides around the main spindle for simultaneous operation of up to three tools. Completed super high performance and high performance machine.

The multi-axis CNC system Siemens-840D is installed. Fanuc 31i and Mitsubishi-730VS are available upon request.

High performance CNC control system
The user-friendly console creates a simple working environment.
Overhead Servo Parts Catcher
Multiple composite slides
Flexible configuration options

4 000 000 rubles
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Execution options

LND-42D, LND-51D, LND-65D, LND-80D, LND-100D