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LNC-D CNC Turning Center

CNC Automatic Turning Center
Economical way of complete machining, turning and milling with power tools, turret, counter spindle, sliding and reverse machining

(-01) LNC42D-GANG (ME60; S802D; F0i Mate)
Fast and easy installation for simple jobs, available as an option.
(-02) LNC42D-G-8ST (ME60; S802D; F0i Mate)
With hydraulic driven tools, IN THE X or Z DIRECTION, Eccentric or cross drilling, Tapping and milling.
(-11) LNC42D-8ST-BM (S802D; ME68)
(-12) LNC42D-G-12LT (S802D; ME68)
(-13) LNC42D-12LT-BM (S840D; M730)
Up to 12 positions with driven tool, suitable for turning and milling combined work.
(-21) LNC42D-8ST-BW-Z2X2 (S840D; M70)
(-22) LNC42D-12LT-BM-Z2X2 (S840D; M70) Slides
X2 / Z2 for parting off and simple turning blocks are available for complete machining.
High speed, high precision bi-directional indexing turret with 8 or 12 positions with coolant supply.
Indexing time 0.35 seconds.

Best price, versatile machine available for all production shops.
Endless indexing main spindle, C-axis FUNCTION.
Several different options to suit your needs.
An automatic long bar feeder with short or oil film is available as an option.

4 000 000 rubles
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Turning and milling center
Manufacturer country

Collet LNC42 F48 (max. Ø42) Collet chuck LNC65 F72 (max. Ø65) Hydraulic system Coolant system Automatic lubrication system Working lamp Door lock Tool box and tool kits Control cabinet heat exchanger Spindle divider system (48 pos.) Device interface bar feed Pedal to open / close collet and chuck Standard tool holders

Execution options

LNC-42D, LNC-51D, LNC-65D, LNC-80D, LNC-100D

Additional characteristics