Hydraulic vulcanizing presses PKMV-30 - 15 series

The electro-hydraulic universal technological press, version PKMV-30/15, with a microprocessor-based operator console and asynchronous electric drives of drive pumps, is designed for molding and vulcanizing composite materials (carbon fiber, fiberglass, rubber, rubber-asbestos mixtures and other materials). Produced in accordance with GOST 11997-89 and TU 3624-002-75911452-2013.

The vulcanizing press can be used for pressing thermosetting plastics and insulating products, in the manufacture of samples for testing rubber compounds in accordance with the requirements of GOST 30263-96 (ISO 2393, ASTM D3182) and polyethylene samples in accordance with GOST 16337-77, as well as for testing for compression within technical capabilities. The vulcanizing press is equipped with a microprocessor control system and registration of power and temperature test indicators.

The press microprocessor control system allows:

Carry out physical and mechanical tests and technological processes in manual / semi-automatic / automatic modes for controlling the heating of plates, their pressing force and pressing time
Program the parameters of physical and mechanical tests and technological processes in a dialog mode
Perform digital tuning of the sensing system, drive pump asynchronous electric drive system, heating system and automatic zeroing
Display data arrays in the form of tables, graphs on the display and laser printer, and save this data
Provide digital protection of the press against overloads and emergencies

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Hydraulic Vulcanizing Presses

Additional characteristics

Rated force, kN / tf
300 / 30
Nominal oil pressure in hydraulic system, MPa / kgf/cm2
16 /160
Stoke range, mm
0 - 300
Rod diameter, mm
Number of heating plates
Number of work zones
Overall dimensions of heating plates, mm
480 / 480
Distance between heating plates, mm