Hydraulic vulcanizing press PKMV-7.5

Hydraulic press PKMV-7.5 (7.5 t∙s) with a hydraulic drive, with a microprocessor control panel, with a pressing force of up to 7.5 tons is designed for molding and vulcanizing polymer composite materials (PCM) (carbon fiber, fiberglass, rubber, rubber-asbestos mixtures in accordance with GOST R 54554 (ASTM 3182) and other materials) based on thermoplastic and thermosetting binders under the action of a given pressure, temperature, time.
Design: floor with bottom location of the cylinder, column.
Produced in accordance with GOST 11997-89, TU 3624-002-75911452-2013.

Declaration of Conformity of the EAEU No. RU Д- RU.HP15.В.00526/19 dated November 28, 2019

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Hydraulic Vulcanizing Presses

Additional characteristics

Pressing force, adjustable, tf (Kn)
0.1 (1) to 7.5
Press drive
Developed nominal oil pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa
Plate heating method
Electric heatin
Number of heating steel plates, pcs.
Number of floors (working areas)