Мощность двигателя

Hoist electric mobile rope 1 t, TE100

Electric rope hoist is designed for lifting, lowering and horizontal movement along straight and radius sections of the path of the load suspended on the hook.
It is allowed to use electric hoists for lifting and transporting liquid or hot metal and slag, poisons, acids and alkalis with a 25% decrease in carrying capacity.
Operation of electric hoists in explosive and fire hazardous environments is not allowed.

200 000 rubles
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Electric mobile hoists are equipped with electric motors and equipment of protected or open design and can operate indoors or under a shed at ambient temperatures from -40 to + 40 ° C.

Installation and assembly

Commissioning works are carried out according to technical regulations.

Additional characteristics

Speed, m / s
Подъем: 0,13; П
Engine power, kW
Механизм подъем
Wheel load, no more than kN
Electric hoist power supply:
Current type
переменный, трехфазный
Voltage, V
frequency Hz