Four Column Type Rubber Making Machine XLB-550X550

1. Mixing: Pour the rubber granules and coloring pigment into the rubber mixing machine, with some adhesive, then begin stiring. It will take 4-6 mins to be done.

2.Weighing: weigh the stirred rubber powder according to the floor tiles thickness you want to make.

3. Paving and Pressing: pour the needed quantity rubber powder into the mould, and float it by trowel. On the bottom , can be with some coarse and black rubber powder, but on the surface should be with fine and colored powder, it can ensure your tiles quality.

4. Vulcanization Moulding: Put the mould on the vulcanizer layer, generally , it take 3-8 mins to make the tiles, time difference based on the thickness of the tiles you ready to make. After finished, it will automaticlly separated, then put it somewhere to dry.

5. Inspecting: Inspect the tiles` surface . If no aberration, no flaw, then it is the good quality products.

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Hydraulic Vulcanizing Presses
Execution options

1. Rubber tile making machine is used to make various types of floor tiles with different diamter as you required. With one set Vulcanizing machine, we can make many types tiles only by changing the moulds.

2. We can customize the moulds according to your special requirments.

3. This kind machine has three different types, frame type, pillar type and jaw type. It is high efficient with large output, automatic controling, easy operation and safety guaranteed.

4.The working layer can be designed as customer`s request, 2, 4, 6, etc

5. We have got CE, SGS.