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Alkaline detergent Optima MS-53

About the product: "Optima MS-53" is a highly alkaline, low-foamy liquid synthetic detergent with a pronounced degreasing effect. Does not contain solvents. Does not contain salts (chlorides, phosphates, carbonates, silicates). Possesses low corrosiveness. Has a pronounced disinfectant effect.

Advantages of the product: The main advantage of the Optima MS-53 product is its high detergency in relation to contamination resulting from prolonged exposure to high temperatures, atmospheric oxygen, etc. for oils, fats, proteins and other substances.

Purpose: "Optima MS-53" shows high efficiency in cleaning:

• metal products from vegetable oils and products based on them (varnish, oil paints, etc.), from industrial oils and greases (including those exposed to high temperatures);

• molds - from the remains of vulcanized rubber and rubber carbon deposits;

• smokehouses, microwave ovens, cutting tables, kitchen ventilation systems and other similar equipment - from edible fats (oils) and products of their thermal transformation;

• containers and industrial technological equipment - from protein-fatty contamination;

• parts of engines and other power units - from soot, carbon deposits, residues of technological lubricants, etc. pollution.

Scope: Enterprises of the metallurgical industry and mechanical engineering. Plants of industrial rubber goods. Food (dairy) industry enterprises. Car repair enterprises and mechanical engineering enterprises.

1 000 rubles
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Additional characteristics

The concentration index of hydrogen ions in a 1% detergent solution (pH)
Content of surfactants,%, not less
Phosphate content,%, no more
Foam stability of 1% detergent solution,%, not less