Frequently asked questions


To start using the Go-proExpo service, you must install a supported browser and make sure you are using the latest version. To install or update a supported browser, visit any of the browser websites:
• Apple Safari
• Google Chrome
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Microsoft Edge
• Mozilla Firefox
• Opera


Only registered users can place an order.

Plus registration:
Ability to track the status of your order.

For registered users:
You place the product you need in the basket. Next, place your order through one single order form. Provide personal data. After completing the registration, you just have to track the status of your order in your personal account.
Important information: you can place goods from different manufacturers in the basket, the order is made once for the entire selected product.


The company is a manufacturer of industrial equipment located at the Go-proExpo site. Information about the company is required by users for a more detailed description of the manufacturer, in order to further work with him. The company page contains all the necessary information. Before placing an order, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this information, pay attention to the company`s rating, send a written request and, after fulfilling all these conditions, start working with the manufacturer you like.


Go-proExpo does not deal with equipment delivery. Our task is only to establish contact between both sides. The buyer decides all questions about delivery with the equipment manufacturer.

An important point:
In order to better form the rating of companies, the buyer upon concluding a contract for the supply of equipment must notify Expo that the cargo was sent by the company by clicking the "Delivery" button. Thus, manufacturing companies will choose the best options for cargo delivery and the quality of service will increase.


To order products, you need to select all the products that you want to buy and add them to the basket, by re-adding the product, you can change its quantity in your basket, you can also change the number of products in the basket section.

After selecting all the products you need, you can fill out the order form and send. All companies selling whose products you have ordered will be notified and will contact you.

If you are not authorized, you need to save the order number to receive information about the order in the future.


In order to find the machine you are interested in, you must select the desired category in the corresponding line.
If you are looking for equipment of a specific brand or brand, you need to open the Brands line.

On the contrary, the “Key phrase” line will help you find the equipment you are interested in, if you do not know the brand and what category it belongs to.

It is also possible to use the price range slider to set a specific price with a further search for specific equipment.