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What are the seals?

The gland is a sealing element used to seal the movable joints of various devices and mechanisms and prevent the ingress of air or liquid. The high prevalence of this type of seals is due to the simplicity of their design.

The market offers a huge number of options for seals to solve various problems:

Grooved seals

Previously, the outer part of the seal was made smooth, which caused the flow of technical fluid. As a result of the formation of microfolds, the tightness was broken, and particles of dirt and dust could get inside the structure. To prevent such con

How to choose an oil seal?

The importance of the gland in the mechanism is much higher than its cost. The choice of this product must be approached with all responsibility. If it is chosen incorrectly, oil leakage will occur over time. This will lead to premature wear of the mechanism. In this article, we will look at how to choose an oil seal that will meet the requirements of your car 100%.

Product Selection Guide

First of all, you need to choose the material from which the product is made. This indicator directly affects the properties of the gland. You can choose a spare part from the following t

Production of rubber and rubber products: equipment and tech

Rubber materials and combined rubber products cannot be replaced by other products. The unique combination of characteristics and performance allows the use of such materials in complex workflows, complementing the arrangement of machines, machine tools, instruments and building structures. Modern rubber production has advanced technologically, which is reflected in the quality of products. Technologists strive to improve the durability, strength and resistance of products to the effects of third-party factors.

What raw material is rubber made from?

Most rubber materials ar

What is rubber tile for?

The scope of rubber tiles and roll coatings is truly wide and multifaceted. Rubber carpets are used in almost all areas of the economy and industry. A garden path is laid with a modular coating, a floor is assembled in gyms, mats for cows are used. The roll coating is laid in the passenger compartment of the bus. The main advantages of rubber carpets are quick installation, high resistance to water and wear.

Coatings for sports fields

Rubber coating is an integral part of any sports ground, any stadium.


Hydraulic cylinder seals and their classification

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According to the location, seals of fixed and movable joints are distinguished.

In hydraulic cylinders, fixed connections are the mating of the front and rear covers or the axle box with the sleeve, as well as the piston landing on the rod. The seals are installed in the grooves, deformed once during assembly of the unit and do not experience other influences, except for the pressure of the medium in the gaps. Most often, simple rubber rings of round and rectangular cross section are used. In particular cases, sheet rubber gaskets are used to seal the flange connection of the cover with... Read more

Polymers and elastomers: whats the difference?

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We have already talked about polymers and materials based on such substances in previous articles. Polymers act as a substance that has a unique molecular structure consisting of several identical links interconnected. There are a huge number of different polymers that are actively used in modern industry due to their positive characteristics. It should be noted that according to the classification, all polymers are divided into several groups:

- Elastomers.

- Thermosetting.

- Thermoplastic.

The main difference between elastomers and conventional polymers is the special elastic properties due to the construction of the molecular... Read more

How did the rubber industry develop?

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Natural rubber is made from latex, but where does the latex itself come from?

Rubber trees are tropical plants that require abundant rainfall throughout the year with little or no dry season. Periods of drought or temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit will not necessarily kill the trees, but will reduce latex yield.

Many farmers grow rubber trees with oil palm, as they both require deep soil, stable high temperatures, and constant humidity. Both trees often require extensive deforestation to make room for crop growth.

 Rubber trees grow quickly and rarely exceed 25 meters in height. on plantations. Gardeners plant... Read more

Equipment for processing tires into crumb rubber

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About 1 million tons of automobile tires are thrown away in the Russian Federation annually. Thanks to the abundance of this free raw material, recycling tires into crumbs with your own hands is very profitable. How tires are crushed and what equipment is required for a tire recycling business.

Tire shredding machines

There are three types of machines for recycling used tires into crumbs - single-shaft and double-shaft shredders, as well as tire shredders. The first two types of machines are universal, they carry out simple crushing, therefore they are more suitable for processing homogeneous raw materials.

Tire shredders are more ad... Read more


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Drying and rinsing fabrics. Fabrics used in the production of belts, sleeves and other products are coated with a rubber mixture.

If a relatively thick fabric, such as belting or chafer, is supplied to the calender for smearing, then the fabric must be preheated and dried. Heating the fabric makes it easier to lubricate, as the softened rubber compound penetrates the warm fabric more easily. By removing moisture, they improve the adhesion of the rubber mixture to the fabric and prevent delamination of the product, which is possible as a result of water vapor release during the vulcanization process. The fabrics are dried on... Read more

Laser machines for mold cleaning

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General information

The most advanced and modern method of cleaning the shaping surfaces of molds is laser cleaning.

A high intensity laser beam is directed onto the surface to be cleaned. The influencing energy leads to an "explosion" of pollution, some of which evaporates, and the rest is dispersed. The wavelength of laser radiation is such that it is absorbed by polymeric materials but reflected by metal surfaces. As a result, there is no mechanical, chemical or thermal effect on the shaping mold.

A high intensity laser beam is directed onto the surface to be cleaned. The influencing energy leads to an "explosion&qu... Read more

Rubber extrusion

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In the production of rubber products, various types of processing of rubber compounds are used. The main methods include extrusion, co-extrusion, mold pressing, transfer pressing, injection molding, doctor blade coating (for textiles). Calendering and low pressure casting can also be used.

The choice of a suitable processing method mainly depends on the geometry of the resulting product.

So, for the production of long products (tubes, hoses, cords, cables, profiles), extrusion is definitely suitable.

Extrusion, according to such an authoritative source as Wikipedia, is a technology for producing products by forcing a viscous melt of a material or thi... Read more

Rubber open mixing mill. Description of the work process

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 Open mixing mill - used for the production of rubber compounds. The rubber base material is mixed with several additives such as fillers, softeners, processing aids and colorants. The two rolls of a rolling mill rotate in the opposite direction. For mixing, one roller moves faster than the other, thereby creating friction. Thus, shear forces act on the rubber in the gap between the two rolls. What causes mixing.

In the manufacture of rubber products, rollers are of the utmost importance. Due to such methods as: mixing, sheeting, heating and many others, the quality of the final product depends.

Roller construction.

The mixing mill consists of t... Read more

Precision preformer for rubber. Operating principle. Peculiarities

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Precision continuous preformer is an efficient and incredibly accurate mechanism for cutting blanks in the process of manufacturing rubber products. Able to mold with various physical and mechanical properties and shapes (rings, rectangles, strips or others). Particularly useful in the manufacture of seals, inflating valves, oil seals, automotive shock absorbers, many rings and much more. It also includes the functions of vacuum, filtration, extrusion, cutting, weighing, counting.

The working process

A programmable logic controller is installed on the preformer. Equipped with hydraulic, vacuum, heating, pneumat... Read more

Rubber kneader

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Rubber mixers are designed for the preparation of rubber mixtures, they implement the process of mixing rubber with fillers, sulfur and other components. According to the principle of operation, rubber mixers are divided into batch mixers and continuous mixers. The most widespread rubber mixers of periodic action. The working bodies of such mixers are two rotors placed in a chamber and rotating towards each other. During the preparation of the rubber mixture, the window is closed by special mechanisms. For this reason, such mixers are called closed-type rubber mixers. This type is characterized by a simplified design, in which the finished product is unloaded by tilting the mixing chamber... Read more

Vulcanization in autoclaves

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Vulcanization of rubber products in steam-air or steam-air environments is usually carried out in autoclaves under pressure. In some cases, vulcanization in autoclaves is carried out in hot (superheated) water, nitrogen or other gases. The most widely used method of vulcanization in a steam environment, as cheaper and safer, in which you can relatively easily control the process.

The vulcanization process in autoclaves is periodic and thermally unsteady. It usually includes several sequential operations:

• loading the machine and closing the lid

• increase in pressure and temperature in the autoclave (monotonous or stepwise);

&... Read more

Injection molding in the production of rubber products

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Injection molding - a method of molding shaped rubber products using special injection molding devices. The main unit of such devices is a material cylinder, from which the rubber mixture, which is in a viscous-fluid state, is pressed under a pressure of 60-170 MPa into a mold, overcoming the resistance of narrow distributing channels. Injection molding is achieved by using various types of equipment in industry in terms of design and technical data, the main of which are injection presses and injection molding machines.

Injection molding - stages of the process of obtaining rubber products on the example of the operation of an injection molding press:
<... Read more

Hydraulic vulcanizing press in the rubber industry

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The manufacture of the rubber industry is broken down into several stages that require the use of specialized equipment. One of the final actions of this algorithm is vulcanization, which also requires the use of special equipment.

The final step requires the use of a vulcanizing hydraulic press. With its help, a monolithic rubber product is heated to operating temperatures under pressure. The presence of moisture and volatile substances inside can lead to the formation of pores, which ultimately affect the strength of the final product. In the process of vulcanization, the substances evaporate, creating microfoci of internal pressure, spread around the entire perimeter. Pres... Read more


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There are two options for making stands:

You work with our specialists,

Order a modeling service from other specialists.

As you can understand, we are not responsible for what you do with other specialists, and if the requirements for 3D models are not followed, difficulties may arise in further work with them.

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How to properly arrange an exhibition stand at Go-proExpo?


An exhibition stand is a structure designed according to the current style, a certain image created by a specific company to demonstrate its success and progress achieved. All this is necessary for companies to place advertisements for their goods and services on them, which should help increase the audience. At real exhibitions, this device can be used more than once, as it has the property of assembly and disassembly. These designs are becoming universal advertising tools, with the exception of one subtle nuance... Read more


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The scheme is simple and unique at the same time. You may have met similar ones at real exhibitions.

If you have already walked through the pavilion, then you most likely understood the principle of placing plots, if not, then here`s a little help. Read more


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The participation of manufacturing companies in exhibitions has a positive impact on various areas - from image to sales and profits. But not all organizations can afford to take part in such expensive and complex events. Problems are added by modern life realities - in the context of a pandemic, most enterprises around the world were forced to either suspend their activities or switch to a remote work format. Many public events, including exhibitions, have been postponed or canceled. A possible way out of this situation was the online format and the provision of services remotely. Read more