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What is Go-proExpo?

Go-proExpo is the world's first virtual exhibition of equipment with goods in 3D format.

By supporting traditional exhibitions around the world and trying to connect them with modern trends, this revolutionary project was born. Our main goal: to unite the best manufacturers of all types of goods and to conclude them in one virtual Internet space. That will provide an incredible modern tool for increasing sales. The future belongs to information technologies, and the Go-proExpo project is a direct confirmation of this.

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Web application capabilities

Virtual space used to demonstrate equipment in real time.

- A visual representation of the success in the development and improvement of technologies.

- An amazing way to visually present the results achieved in the manufacture of equipment.

- Description of the work of the product by means of animation

- Possibility of virtual configuration for the presentation of dimensions.

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Marketplace capabilities.

The catalog is a place to search for a client and a manufacturer.

- Ability to always keep abreast of industry technical innovations.

- Possibility of sales from anywhere in the world.

- Promotion without restrictions.

- Lack of time frames.

- Competitive advantages.

- Expanding capabilities and reducing costs.

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We will help you with the placement in the virtual store.
Our experts will help you choose a site that suits you. If you have 3D models ready, then placement will not take much time. If there are no models, we will help you develop them.

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Some of our works that you will find at the exhibition.

Information for Go-proexpo clients

For the exhibitor.

We can help in preparing the virtual space, but if you want to prove yourself as a designer, we will only be glad.

Of course, standard methods of attracting new consumers are good, but one should not forget that the Internet does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Accordingly, in order to be on the wave of success, it is necessary to look for modern channels for attracting customers. There are a lot of these types of resources on the web, and they probably work quite well. BUT almost everyone asks for payment to raise products to the top, and for other promotion methods. Go-proExpo provides a land plot for rent, and the rest is up to you. Placement of goods for the manufacturer's company in the catalog is absolutely free.


For visitors

The buyer is a very demanding person, and rightly so. It is for such people that the Go-proExpo project was developed. The catalog and the appendix contain everything you need for a high-quality selection of goods and services. The project has been prepared in such a way that all the necessary information is waiting for you on the product cards.


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