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What is Go-proExpo?

A unique and only service for creating a virtual exhibition of equipment in 3D format

By supporting traditional exhibitions around the world and trying to combine them with modern technology, this revolutionary project was born. Our main goal: to enable manufacturing companies to demonstrate their equipment in a modern, progressive way. Due to the modern tool - virtual space. The future belongs to information technologies, and the Go-proExpo project is a direct confirmation of this.

See an example of a virtual space

Its own exhibition

Do you want to pleasantly surprise your customers? The virtual pavilion is already on your website.
The virtual space used to demonstrate equipment in real time will create the effect of a real, live exhibition. Your customers will be able not only to get all the necessary information about the products on the website, but also to look at it in real scale, visually examining the important characteristics of the equipment. The exhibition allows, through personal walking along the perimeter of the hall, to penetrate and study new developments and achievements. Our design team will prepare a unique area to showcase your products.

View an example of an exhibition

Participation in a single exhibition

By creating your exhibition, you automatically become a participant in a single virtual exhibition of equipment. A general exhibition implies the presence at it of all companies that use the services of Go-proExpo. Thus, we will collect a huge virtual exhibition. Be the first to contribute to the development of the direction.


Our team takes care of all the necessary work to accommodate your company. We will be happy to prepare 3D models of equipment and stands at your request. If you have your own models, they will need to be modified for the application. We will be happy to help with this too. Our experts will select a site for you that suits the size of the equipment. You can find more information on placement and models in the blog.

You will find more information in   blog

Some of our works that you will find at the exhibition.

Information for Go-proexpo clients

Further, important information is collected for manufacturing companies wishing to become exhibitors and visitors.

To design your exhibition.

In order to place your company in the pavilion, you first need to think over the design of the stand. There are many amazing examples of stands on the Internet, perhaps enough to be inspired by them.
Next, you need to provide 3D models of your products. Do not forget that all models that you submit to us must be in .FBX format. If you do not have equipment models, our modelers will help in creating them.
Of course, standard methods of attracting new consumers are good, but one should not forget that the Internet does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Accordingly, in order to be on the wave of success, it is necessary to look for modern channels for attracting customers.

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